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Healthy Skin No Matter Your Skin Type with the C.O. Bigelow Face Collection. Part III: All Skin Types

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I’ve recently reviewed the cleansers, toners and moisturizers in C.O. Bigelow’s new Face Collection, that are formulated for either oily/normal skin or dry/normal skin.  This review is for the other products in the collection that can be used on any skin type: the Power Berry Mask, Acai Repair Night Cream, Rice and Bamboo Gentle Dermabrasion and Multi-Nutrient Repair Serum.

All of the products in the new collection contain 1 or more of their special complexes: Healthy Skin Complex, Skin Renewal Complex and Anti-Pollution Complex.  The Power Berry Mask is a clay based, purple face mask that is aimed at purifying and nourishing the skin while combating the signs of aging.  Clay based masks always work well on my oily skin.  This one was no different and left my skin feeling soft afterwords.

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The Acai Repair Night Cream says it is for all skin types and was a pretty light formula for a night cream.  But after a few nights use, my skin started to breakout a little, so I stopped using it.  For those few nights though, I felt the formula was nice and light and smelled pleasant.  My skin wasn’t oily or greasy in the morning like some night creams can leave it.

My favorite of the products in the Rice and Bamboo Gentle Dermabrasion.  This stuff smells delish!  It contains sake, bamboo and rice – all aimed at smoothing and cleaning your skin.  This face scrub is surprisingly unscrubby.  It’s very smooth with little soft bits in it.  The directions say to use it on dry skin if you want more abrassion, but I thought it still just felt smooth and cool on my skin.  But after using it, my skin does feel smoother, softer and smells great!

I tried the Multi-Nutrient Repair Serum for a few nights, but like the Acai Repair Night Cream, this product didn’t really seem to be made for all skin types.  I began to break out again, so I discontinued using it.  After only using it for a few nights, I can’t really attest to it’s effectiveness at repairing and restoring my skin’s vitality.  But the formula was nice and light weight.  I felt that it provided enough moisture on it’s own, that I didn’t need a separate moisturizer.  A little goes a long way, so this little bottle will last a long time.  If you are looking to add a little more omph to your current routine, consider this product for the nutrients it’ll provide your skin.

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