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These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Press-On Nails: Fing’rs Natural Fit, Simply Natural, California Girl and Nail Art For Your Tips

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I remember the first time I saw my grandma peel off her press-on nails – it scared the bejesus out of me! Once I realized they weren’t her actual finger nails, but rather some pre-painted, perfectly shaped press-on nails, I desperately wanted to try them. I recovered the discarded nails and stuck them on my fingers. They were gigantically out of proportion to my small hands, didn’t stay on and I loved them! Fast forward a few years to when my mom let me actually by some with my allowance and I still had problems with fit and functionality, but thought they were awesome. At some point I lost interest and never was into the acrylic nail thing, but haven’t checked out the press-ons for at least 15 years.

Well, if you didn’t know already, fake nails have come a long way baby! I was checking out the large array of offerings from Fing’rs and was super impressed. The nails look a lot more natural, their shape is a heck of a lot better, they are a more fashionable length (no more inch long talons) and stay attached a lot better. Most kits come with both press-on tabs and nail glue. The press-on tabs are like double sided tape you put on your nails. You stick one side to your nails, peel of the backing and stick a nail on. They aren’t super strong, but are a great way to apply nails that you only want to wear for a short period of time. When you are ready to take them off, you just soap your nails in warm, soapy water for 1o minutes and they you can peel the nails off. The glue is a bit more of a commitment. You apply glue from the pointy tipped tube and press a nail onto it. They’ll stay put for up to 10 days and then you have to remove them by soaking them in an acetone based nail polish remover.

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I thought my hands were pretty normal sized – I wear a medium when it comes to gloves, but the smaller nail sizes matched my nails the best. All the kits come with more than 5 size nails, so you can match them to your nail bed size. I found it easiest to find the right size first, by laying the nail on before breaking out the press-on tabs or glue. You’ll end up tossing either the smallest or largest nails they offer. I liked the ease of application and removal with the press-on tabs. They were fun to wear the nails for a night out. The glue is a little easier to apply, but be careful – its like super glue, so it sticks to everything almost immediately. I used tweezers to help me set the nail in place since you can’t move it around once it has touched the glue. I also found the smell of the glue and the remover to unstick it a tad too fumey.

One style that I wish they had when I was younger is the California Girl collection. These sets of 24 nails with glue and press-on tabs are made for smaller fingers and come in funky, short french tip styles.  I like the Santa Cruz – a subtle glitz with a silver line between the pink of the nail and the white french tip and a rhinestone on the corner of the tip. They also have options with red and pink french tips – fun!

Natural Fit come in two sizes: small nail beds and medium nail beds.  The 36 nails come with glue and press-on tabs. They are a basic french tip style, but are longer in length. Simply Natural are short french tips that come in different skin tone shades. The kit has 24 nails plus glue, press-on tabs and a buffing file to buff your nails before applying the glue.

(I didn’t try them, but did you know they make nails for your toes?!? I guess the same idea applies – your toe nails don’t look great or you don’t have time to paint, so you go for the instant pedicure.)

If you are looking to add a little extra pizazz to your real or fake nails, check out the Nail Art offerings. Bling Nail and Body Jewels are tiny rhinestones in shapes like red hearts, purple tear drops and colored circles that you attach with the included glue. The kit also contains a orange stick to help you place the bling (I found tweezers to be more exact) and a top coat for nail applications (helps keep them stuck on).

The 3D stick on decals are little colored stickers that you apply directly over your polish without any glue. They are super easy to use (once again, tweezers really helped place them correctly). They come in flowers, hearts, stars and butterflies in a variety of colors including some that have a metalic finish and most have a little rhinestone on them.

I found all of the nail art to be fun, but I kept them to my toes so I could keep up my professionalism at work. I especially liked though, that I could apply the peel and stick ones to my fingers easily for wearing on the weekends. I also found them to be a great source of endless fascination for my baby.  Oooh sparkly!

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