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Gentle Care For Troubled Skin: AmorePacific Moisture Bound Collection for Combination and Oily Skin

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I feel like those of us with oily skin often get left out when it comes to luxury skin care. Sure there are some brands that have products for oily skin, but the really exciting products are generally of the rich moisturizing variety. I’ve been trying out a lovely line called AmorePacific that gives us shiny ladies some serious luxury. The best part is that you can try out 4 products for 1/2 the price of the items individually.

AmorePacific is a line of skincare products from Korea. They contain ingredients like green tea, aged red ginseng, matsutake mushrooms and bamboo sap. They even have their own green tea plantation on Jeju Island. I’ve been experiencing these asian natural wonders in the Moisture Bound Introductory Collection Refreshing Essentials for Combination and Oily Skin. The kit contains travel size bottles of the Treatment Cleansing Foam, Treatment Enzyme Peel, Treatment Toner and Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydra-Gel moisturizer.

Even though you are getting travel-sized bottles, a little goes a long way with these products. With the Treatment Cleansing Foam, for example, I only need a 1/2 a pea-sized amount to work up a super rich lather. The formula is creamy and has a nice warm rice smell. It rinses clean and left my skin feeling clean and soft. The Treatment Enzyme is one of the more interesting products I’ve used in a while. After cleansing, you shake a tiny amount of this powder into your hand, add some water and work it into a later and use it like a cleanser. The light pink powder foams like crazy while you massage it on for a minute. It also rinses off easily and left my skin feeling pretty squeaky clean. It was super gentle though and didn’t burn or irritate like some enzyme products do. I have to admit that I’ve been cutting corners and adding the enzyme to my cleanser to save some time. The effect seems to be the same.

The Treatment toner is also very gentle. It doesn’t seem at all harsh and kept my skin feeling soft. I’ve been using it inconsistently (again – cutting corners) and don’t really notice a difference on days that I use it or not. The Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydra-Gel is a great moisturizer. As the name implies, it is a gel-like moisturizer – great for oily skin. It also has that nice rice-y smell and felt very light on my skin. It did a good job of providing just enough moisture to keep my skin from overproducing oil and helped keep the shine at bay. I would love to see this product with an SPF in it so that I could keep that light feeling and get my sun protection.

At $50 for the kit, it’s a great deal over price of full sized bottles, but is definitely still a luxury buy. Since a little goes a long way, you could probably get a few good weeks out of the products. Or you can do like I did and save them for your travel beauty kit. I took mine camping last weekend. Who says you can’t traipse around in the woods getting dirty, make s’mores by the fire and get sticky and then clean up at the end of the day with some high-end skin care products. My skin thanks me.

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