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A Japanese Bathing Ritual In Your Own Home With Yu-Be

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Yu-Be PolishJapanese Bathing Rituals or “ofuro” are an ancient custom still practiced today to provide relaxation and stimulate blood circulation. I wasn’t aware until now that when I snuck away for an occasional “spa night” in my own bathroom, that I was practicing my own “ofuro”. The other night I actually used some Japanese products in my ofuro.

Yu-Be is a top selling brand in Japan. An American business man who’d been bringing home Yu-Be products to his wife from business trips helped introduce Yu-Be to America. The package has distinctive orange accents on white containers and is very no frills. The line is made up of a Foaming Skin Polish, Moisturizing Body Lotion, Moisturizing Skin Cream and Lip balm. I got samples of all but the lip balm to try out.

Yu-Be LotionThe Foaming Skin Polish is an exfoliating body wash. It contains some ingredients I tend to think of as “asian”: bamboo stem extract, green tea leaf extract, ginseng root extract, ginger root extract and rice bran wax. The formula looks like a brown sugar scrub and is fairly gentle as a scrub. All of the products have a slightly medicinal smell from the camphor they contain. Not really my fave, but it dissipates pretty quickly. The funny thing was that the Skin Polish didn’t really foam very well. But it did work great as a cleanser and gentle exfoliator. It rinsed off easily and my skin felt soft and smooth after using it.

The Moisturizing Body Lotion and Skin Cream are pretty much the same product, with the cream being the more concentrated version of the two. The lotion is intended as an all-over, daily moisturizer and the cream for drier patches that need a little more TLC. Both have a slightly yellowish color that, along with the camphor, increases the medicinal feel. The formulas are glycerine based, so they glide on super smoothly and easily. They absorb well and leave skin feeling soft and smooth. The product seems to remain a bit on the skin, but not in a greasy way. My skin is super dry this time of year, but using just the lotion, left my skin feeling great after 24 after 1 application.

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