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TheraPedi with Earth Theraputics

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Sandal time his here – rejoice! Walking around in sandals or just plain no shoes at all is one of the many wonderful things about summertime. Unfortunately, that wear on your feet can leave your feet looking, well, worn. Getting a pedicure every week just isn’t realistic for the majority of us, so it’s important to have a good home care regimen to keep your toesies looking tip-top. I recently received a sample of Earth Therapeutics Pumice Brush & Pro-Organic Foot Repair Balm ($4.99 and $7.99). I’d seen Earth Therapeutics products before at my chichi neighborhood Andronico’s but hadn’t tried any of their products before.

The pumice brush was the first product I tried. I must say I dig the extra handle because you can really give callused heels a good scrub with it – that is, until half of the stone breaks and falls off the brush. First scrub, I promise! And I wasn’t even being that vigorous. So, the glue on the brush may not be the greatest, but the other half of the stone gave a good scrub and the bristles on the other side did work well for buffing my toes. It’s also nice that you can hang the brush in the shower afterwards so that everything dries.

The Tea Tree Oil Foot Repair Balm is pretty cool. I love the refreshing, slightly invigorating scent of Tea Tree Oil and the balm is very moisturizing. It comes out looking like shampoo, but sinks in really well and leaves a nice, soft feeling. The addition of Aloe Vera and Chamomile makes for nice, comfy feel on the post-work foot massage. Best of all, the price for these products can’t be beat – so you’ve got no excuses for icky sandal feet!

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