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Smell Like Royalty: Krigler Oud For Highness 75 Fragrance

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You may not be familiar with Krigler fragrances, but this perfumer has been the favorite of celebrities and royalty. Founded in 1904, they became famous in the 1920’s with fans like Marlene Dietrich, Ernest Hemingway, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and later John F Kennedy. They recently reopened at The Plaza Hotel offering custom scents and re-releasing their classic fragrances.

Oud For Highness 75 was custom made in 1975 for the Royal Highness of Jordan.  Oud is the essential oil derived from the asian Aloeswood tree. This fragrance also has notes of amber, sandalwood, saffron and honey. Based on the description, I expected a heavy, spicy fragrance, but this scent is surprisingly light. Definitely leaning toward a masculine scent, it’s still light enough that a woman could wear it. There is a definite freshness to the scent with light notes of the spicier ingredients.

Keeping with it’s historic exclusivity, this is definitely a luxury item. If you are looking for a unique gift for someone for the holidays and have a spare chunk of change, be sure to check this one out (you can order a sample online for a very reasonable $7).


One Response to “Smell Like Royalty: Krigler Oud For Highness 75 Fragrance”
  1. Barbara says:

    I love their fragrances! My mum used to wear the Grace Kelly, i ordered on their website samples and i got the bottle of Lovely Patchouli which Jackie “O” worn!

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