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Best Eye Treatment Ever! Envie De Neuf Platinum Lineless Eye Mask

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OMG ladies! I cannot believe how awesome this product is. Envie De Neuf is a line of products that is new to me, but I’m already blown away! I recently used the Platinum Lineless Eye Mask and have never seen a product work so well at relieving puffy eyes. But first let me give you the set up. I had a baby two weeks ago. It was exhausting! I’m normally prone to puffy eyes and dark circles, but after a day of labor, days of guests and the usual getting up every few hours to nurse that a new baby entails, I was not looking my best. I had received the Platinum Lineless Eye Mask upon my arrival home from the hospital, but it took me a few days before I found the time to use it.

The Eye Mask doesn’t actually go on your eyes, like those gel masks you pop in the freezer. It looks a bit like a giant butterfly is painted on your face, just below your eyes, cheek bone to cheek bone, over your nose. That’s one reason I found it so amazing. It somehow drained the puffiness from my lower eyelids without actually touching them. The mask is a one time use (at $3) and is a gel like formula on a flexible fabric-y mask. It took a few minutes to apply and adjust the mask so it sat on my face correctly – and I had to fold up the bottom tips as they were hanging in my mouth. I left it on for the directed 15 minutes without it sliding down or dripping gel and then removed it. As directed, I patted the area until the rest of the gel was absorbed – no need to rinse.

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And what did I behold? I’ve never, ever, ever in my life seen my lower eyelids so tight! Not even a good nights sleep, plenty of water, an allergy pill and cucumber slices have ever given me results that amazing. The best part was that it lasted for about 3 days. People kept commenting on how well rested I looked for having just had a baby. The mask is marketed as an anti-aging product that contains colloidal platinum, peptides and squalene to make eyes look more youthful. And it certainly did. The only bummer was that it didn’t do much for my undereye circles.

My hubby is prone to the undereye  bags and very dark circles. He often gets told how tired he looks – even if he’s had a good nights sleep. Wonderful man that he is, he’d been helping with baby duty at night and being the primary chaser-afterer for our toddler by day, so his eyes were looking particularly bad. I gave him my other sample of the Eye Mask to try out. He had a similar experience with the bags being significantly reduced, but not much effect on the eye circles. He too had results that lasted a few days.

$3/ea may seem a little steep, but with results this amazing and that last for days, I think it’s one of the better beauty deals out there. (Plus you get a little price break the more you buy). Be sure to check these out for the night after a special occasion – it’ll help keep the celebration evidence from showing on your face. Just be ware though that people won’t believe you if you tell them you’re tired! Check it out on Amazon now for the best deal!


4 Responses to “Best Eye Treatment Ever! Envie De Neuf Platinum Lineless Eye Mask”
  1. Sharon says:

    You write a convincing review. I just placed an order for some of these, based solely on what you’d written (and I am not an easy sell). I hope they work as well for me as they did for you. 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    It is awesome! I have tried this before :)I bought in Taiwan during promotion. NT1500 for 50pcs. Heehee


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