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Boot Camp For Your Face? Mama Mio Mighty Moisture

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Dry winter air and hormonal changes from have a baby not too long ago, have left my skin very parched. Along with dry patches and flakiness, I’m also getting some fine lines showing up. An esthetician reassured me that they were because my skin as so dry and that proper moisture would plump them up, but they’ve got me a-worryin’.

I was excited to check out Mama Mio’s new High Protein Face line of moisturizers and serums. I was hopeful that the keratin, collagen and elastin boosting formulas would help re-moisturize my skin and prevent these lines from becoming a permanent fixture. But it’s the Little Book of Confidence that comes with each product that had me intrigued. This tiny pamphlet includes 60 seconds of facial exercises to help tone up your face, along with information on how the moisturizer works and thoughts on skincare and life.

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The 60 seconds worth of exercises are called Rosies, which help plump up the apples of your cheeks, and Ponytail Pull-ups, to help give you a “face lift”. 60 seconds is about all the time I have to exercise these days, so I appreciate the brevity. Although unlike kegels, I wouldn’t call theses anytime, anywhere exercises, as you look pretty silly when doing them.

Of the moisturizers in the line, I tried the Mighty Moisture, a light weight day and night moisturizer. I really liked the lightness of the formula, easy to use pump bottle and the herby-botanical scent of lavender, lavandin, mandarin and chamomile. As for moisture, it fell a little short for my severly dry skin needs. I applied a layer, waited a few minutes and then applied another. The double layer helped keep my skin fairly well moisturized for most of the day, but it did start to feel dry by days end.

I would have been head over heels for this though, when my skin used to be a little on the oily side. And hopefully I’ll be back there come summer time, when a lightweight moisture is about all I can tolerate in the heat. And I’ll continue to do my facial exercises in the hopes that I can keep a younger looking appearance for longer. Check out Amazon’s price now!


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  1. Cara says:

    Just started doing facial exercises as well. This moisturizer looks pretty darn good though! My skin is pretty dry and sensitive as well and I’ve been using Yes to Cucumbers moisturizer and it works great 🙂

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