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No Sleep? No Problem! Pixi’s Eye Bright Liner

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Having two young kids that don’t sleep through the night yet, is really taking a toll on my look. I don’t really want to wear my parental fatigue on my face like a badge of honor (although the occasional sympathy isn’t bad). So I’ve been using illuminating powders, highlighting eye shadow and other makeup tricks to help look more awake. Pixi’s Eye Bright Liner is new to my “look more awake” lineup. Check out more reviews of this product on Amazon!

This is a flesh colored creamy liner. Applied to the inside lash line of your lower lid, it helps make the whites of your eyes look brighter. I’m always a little nervous when applying makeup to the inner lash line – I’m worried I’ll poke myself in the eye or makeup’ll end up in my eyes causing irritation, but this product is super easy to use. The liner is like a hard concealer or a soft eyeliner. The application tips suggest warming the tip on your clean hand before lining the eyes. This trick really helped the liner go on smoothly. I also used a finger to gently pull my lower lid down so that it pulled away from my eye a little. The formula is waterproof, so the color really did last a long time – even after I used eye drops.

This has been great for making me look a little less haggard. And I’ll definitely continue to use it whenever my eyes look less than stellar. Did anyone say allergy season?

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