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Update Your Beauty Fall Wardrobe With Pixi’s Ultimate Beauty Kit And Endless Silky Eye Pen Taster Trio

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Pixi is such a fun little cosmetics company! Well, actually not so little – you can buy their line at Target. I got to try out a few of the new holiday offerings that are luckily available right now. The Ultimate Beauty Kit and¬†Endless Silky Eye Pen Taster Trio are a perfect way to update your fall beauty wardrobe without breaking the bank. The Ultimate Beauty Kit may seem a little steep at $40, but when you see the 32 eye shadows, 16 lip balms and 8 blushes packed into this mirrored beauty book, it’s quite a steal. And the Eye Pencil trio gives you three half size liners for $15, when a single liner is $14.

The Ultimate Beauty Kit has amazing wearable colors! Remember the “train case” beauty kits you used to get for Christmas that seemed so cool, until you realized 3/4 of the colors were unwearable? You won’t have that problem here – the eye shadows range from pale pinks and purples to deep teals and earthtones. And don’t let the dark shades intimidate you – they go on pretty sheer so you can build up to a depth that is only as vampy as you are comfortable with. The same goes for the blushes and lip glosses. With the blushes that are a little too dark for my cheek bones, I can use them like a bronzer or as a contour shade. Remember that beauty trick? With these sheer shades you won’t be getting 80’s style cheeks, just the subtly slimming illusion of shadow under your cheek bones. I love the lip glosses so much that I’m eagerly awaiting the release of single tubes available in all of these luscious colors (no release announced – just my wishful thinking). Check out more reviews of this product on Amazon!

Pixi’s Endless Silky Eye pencil in BlackBlue has been my daily eye liner for about 9 months now. The color is great on my pale skin, giving just enough black to look polished, but tempered by the blue enough to not look too intense for the office. I love the easy glide on formula that really stays put all day and washes off easily at night. I’d been thinking about picking up a few other shades to help change up my look, when the pixi fairy magically delivered the Taster Trio at my door. This trio of smaller sized pencils comes in BlackNoir (deep black), BlackTulip (dark purple) and BlackCocoa (deep brown). For me the BlackNoir is great way to kick up my make up a notch, especially for night time wear. The BlackCocoa is a softer look great for the weekend and BlackTulip is a fun alternative to my BlackBlue. Now I have to¬†eenie-meenie-minie-mo in the morning to pick which one to wear. Check out Amazon’s price now!

Any math nerds out there want to calculate out the number of possible make up combinations you can create with these fun new offerings?


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